Good lighting design combined with quality fittings significantly enhances internal and external spaces.

Lighting is our speciality, we have over a decade of experience in designing multi-channel lighting schemes which enable the mood and function of a space to be changed, highlighting features and creating pockets and pools of light.

Scene control dimming allows these new moods to be recalled at the touch of a button and with the possibility of multi-way control, handheld remotes and integration with security and audio visual systems a home moves to a new level of sophistication.

  • Thoughtful Design

Thoughtful Design

We work with you to understand the way you'll use the spaces and create 'scenes' that suit different activities. We'll develop lighting layouts that enhance the features of your home or office and we'll provide guidance to your architect, electrician and builder where needed.

  • Quality Fittings

Quality Fittings

Sensible is a registered agent and suppliers for a number of the world's finest providers of Luminaires including Orluna, DeltaLight, Astro & EcoLed. We are experts in LED lighting and pride ourselves in providing only high-quality, long-lasting fittings.

  • Complete Control

Complete Control

Lighting controls give you absolute control over how each space is lit at the push of a button. With effortless dimming and bespoke scene settings you can create lighting that suits every occasion and banishes rows of switches from you walls.

Areas of expertise

  • Residential


Properly designed internal and external lighting can transform your home.

  • Corporate


Ensuring offices and boardrooms are correctly lit not only creates a pleasant working environment but using latest control systems with light sensors to automatically maintain heat gain and glare.

  • Hospitality


We have delivered quality lighting solutions to some of Guernsey's best hotels, restaurants and bars.